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About Cathy

Cathy Ehrler, Artist

Cathy Ehrler is an environmental artist who creates works using recycled materials. One goal that runs through everything she does is to bring out the hidden beauty of waste through artistic transformation, and to promote environmental stewardship through the creative reuse of post-consumer materials.

I create this art to inspire caring and respect, stimulate dialogue, and encourage the long time flourishing of the social and natural environments in which we live. My intent is to cause no harm to nature with my work.

"Recycling is a passion for me. I live and work in a 150 year old warehouse that has been “recycled” into loft live/work spaces. I walk to the studio, own an EV for other transportation, installed solar on both home and studio, use energy efficient appliances. I recycle, compost and pick up trash.  

My art is mosaic work made with trash and recycling. The works are made from thousands of bits of cut pieces and tediously glued to a recycled ground. The only products I purchase are glue and sealer, both non-toxic.  My goal is to be carbon negative.  

I am consciously working to improve my work and the environment at the same time.  Please enjoy what I’ve done.  I hope it makes you smile and appreciate the world we live in."



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