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Studio Z

Studio Z is now in an officially designated landmark district in the city of Atlanta.


Preserving Atlanta's History:
In the news: Means Street Historic District

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Built in the late 1880’s as a cooper shop for the Standard Oil Company the Allied Factory Building at 500 Means Street NW, Atlanta GA 30318 has been converted into a live/work loft space for artists and art enthusiasts. Studio Z is the unit designated as Gallery/Commercial space.

Studio Z is the working studio of Cathy Ehrler and Kathy Rennell Forbes and it becomes the gallery space for numerous artists for exhibits throughout the year. At other times Cathy and Kathy open their studio by appointment to anyone who would like to see their most recent work and to view the permanent works. Ehrler lives in Studio A that is across the loading dock. She likes to say when she goes to work “I go from A to Z”. Forbes is a city dweller who walks to the studio each day.

Features of the studio include 2 levels, original heart of pine floors, exposed brick and heavy timber beams. There are arched center pivot windows that face north for excellent daylight. A lower level outdoor patio features a large mosaic made from bottle caps that Ehrler created and the mosaic continues to grow as the bottle caps accumulate.

The first floor features a doorway that has been embellished with metal can lids. “I love using trash to create beauty”. I expressed my feelings in my “Environmental Reverberations” series of paintings and now I apply that position to my studio and living spaces. I do not like to create trash but I enjoy creating treasures from trash and to look at waste in a different way.

The building is a treasure, too. It’s been recycled like Ehrler’s art. And it’s beauty and usefulness serves a wonderful purpose. Call and make an appointment to visit Cathy and Kathy in their studio or leave a message to get on the email list for an invitation to the next show.

Studio Z

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