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The Trashy Art Project

Each day I collect the trash on a short strip of pavement just outside my studio door, 300 steps to be exact. Making this project even more interesting, this strip of pavement is part of a newly designated Official Landmark District in the City of Atlanta.

At the end of each week I weigh the collection and clean and sort it. Using all of the trash, I create a piece of art with nothing added, no tape, glue, paint, etc. A 32 X 32” base is used and after I am satisfied with the piece, I take a photo of it.  It is then disassembled, sorted again into recycling or trash or reuse. The most interesting “finds” are saved for a masterwork that I plan to complete at the end of the project.

As the project unfolds I learn so much – about what my neighbors and passing drivers toss out, and how to use the various items. At the end of a year I will have 52 photos and hope to display them in a large format in my studio.  These creations are a reminder of our culture’s thoughtlessness, trashiness, carelessness and wastefulness.  Out of all of this disgusting garbage I attempt to create something of beauty or in the least something interesting to see.



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